Are you stylish?

What’s your writing style? Fast paced, adventure? Gory horror, with long, slow terrifying plot lines, or just mayhem and murder? Does your writing reflect an in depth story, or light and frothy?

I like all kinds of writing styles, from chick lit to murder mysteries. Changing points of view don’t bother me, as long as it’s done well. First person, third person, if they’re done well then all are welcome as far as I’m concerned.

My own style is fast paced. I like colour, movement, sparky dialogue and lots and lots of action. I try to be lyrical both with my dialogue and narrative, which can lead me down the thorny road of adverbs and adjectives – but I’m getting better – honest. I also like to give my characters a hard time, so that by the time they reach their ultimate goal the reader can congragulate them and heave a sigh of relief on their behalf.

So what’s your style? Are you a romanticist, a poet or a mystic weaver of tales? Do you live and breathe the stories you create? Have you taken the time to develop a style? If not, why not?

Explore what kind of writer you are and what kind of writer you want to become, are they the same thing? When I embarked on my writing degree, I was certain I had a style and that I knew what I wanted to write; boy was I wrong. By the time I graduated my style had changed beyond recognition. It’s far from being perfect, but I believe I’m getting there.

Stylish – maybe. A writer – definitely.


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