What’s so good about digital TV?

So here in the UK we’re now watching digital TV, instead of receiving programmes via analogue  signals and supposedly have more choice as a result. I think not.

It’s becoming more common for channels, ITV for one, to repeat programmes over and over, showing the same thing on different channels at different times. Then there’s Yesterday, which shows programmes donkey’s years old – ok if you’re a nostalgia buff. Or there’s that everlasting favourite of almost every channel that can’t think how to fill the gaps between schedules – quiz shows.

BBC2 for instance. Between 5pm and 6.30 pm every weekday, they show a quiz game, followed by an antiques show, another quiz show and guess what? Another antiques show. What’s the alternative to quiz games or antiques – talent shows or Strictly Dancing, Dancing on ice – ad infinitum. All variations on the same theme. As for so-called reality shows, don’t get me started!

Channel 5 USA. What do they have on offer, endless repeats of the various CSI shows, interspersed by “”new” series, which rehash the same old stories and characters over and over and over.

What’s happened to variety, what’s happened to choice – it’s been thrown out the window, along with value for money (TV license).


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