The Pen Writes on, IX

‘Tis my delight, every night,

to write and write and write.

To hold the pen, count to ten.

then write and write and write.

To create a story, in all its glory,

and write and write and write…



8 Responses to “The Pen Writes on, IX”

  1. Ryan Holmes Says:

    You need to combine these into one dedication to writing. They’re witty and entertaining.


  2. A great idea, Ryan. Might do that. Did you get my reply to your interview email okay? Been having a slight problem sending emails out. Also, sorry won’t keep you much longer, if I combine my little scribblings into one, would it be okay to post them on Griffin’s Quill?


  3. You’re turning into a rapper. I imagine these creations in motion, on stage 🙂


  4. I agree with Ryan it would be awesome…

    Lady Midnight on stage, rapping, hmmm…. 😉


  5. Midnight Rapper – has a nice ring to it.


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