Watch out, your feet won’t touch the ground!

Do you like fast paced, edgy YA urban fantasy? Then these are the books for you.

Read extracts from Land of Midnight Days and the sequel, Through the Gloaming, right here, right now.

If you love characters who thrill, repulse and engage, then join Jeremiah Tully, a mute musician, Zeb Tully, a man filled with turmoil, and Ezra, an ogre of a man, on their journey to the Midnight Land.


6 Responses to “Watch out, your feet won’t touch the ground!”

  1. Ryan Holmes Says:

    Great work here, Kate. You do good job selling both novels in one concise pitch. I’ve got to make some time to check these out.


  2. Thanks Ryan. Don’t rush, you’ve probably enough on your plate already, but I hope you’ll like them.


    • Ryan Holmes Says:

      I do, and I did. Busy, busy, and still once I started reading I couldn’t stop. These deserve attention. You’re a great writer, Kate, and you’ve got yourself a great story here.


  3. Hah! Helpppp – I’m falling!


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