Damn, blast and b*gger!

My sweet little cat, Meg, has just caught a mouse and brought it into my room. Fortunately, from the mouse’s perspective at least, it’s still alive and the little sod’s taken refuge under the chest of drawers.

Meg’s cleared off, satisfied with a job well done, and left me and the mouse regarding each other in mutual horror. To say I have a phobia regarding rodents, and yes that includes rabbits and squirrels, is an understatement.

My brother is full of praise for Meg’s hunting skills and has kindly promised to clear up the mangled mouse corpse, should that become an eventuality. I, in the meantime, am perched on the edge of my seat ready to run screaming and swearing at the top of my lungs, from a ravening beast less than two inches long.

Life sucks.


5 Responses to “Damn, blast and b*gger!”

  1. Oh dear! Sorry hon! 😀


  2. My cats have brought in many critters. Sometimes they fight over their prized mouse, bird, or rabbit, and then when the dog gets involved…well you can imagine. I hope your cat takes care of things soon! I’m sorry your kitty has brought you such distress.


  3. Thanks for the like, Ashen. As far as I know the mouse’s still in the cupboard under the stairs,judging from the way Meg sits guard outside it. 😀


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