The pen writes on, VI

Words are wicked, words are bright.

When you’re composing they’re not always right.

Malevolent and evil like little imps,

they’ll leave your prose with a painful limp.

Tongues stuck out, they aim to provoke,

leaving the writer impotent and broke.


11 Responses to “The pen writes on, VI”

  1. Malevolent and evil? Oh yes! 😀


  2. Ryan Holmes Says:

    Hey, I happen to like those cute, little imps. They get a bad rap by association with those nasty devils. I love this poetic monologue of perilous prose. We have a new poetry category on Griffin’s Quill you know. Somehow I overlooked adding it. I sure wish we had you on the site, Kate. Keep posting! I love reading these wonderful words.


    • I’d love to join your site, Ryan. How do I go about it?


      • Ryan Holmes Says:

        Without trying to advertise too much – okay, I know, too late – just go to You can click sign up at the top or Register from the menu bellow the bird. After you register, activate your membership via an automated email and wallah, you’re our newest Quill Bearer. You can read all about the site on the Talon to Tail page. Explore the site. Try to break it – if you can, and get connected with friends, some old, and some new. It’ll be an honor to host you on the site, Kate. Thank you!


  3. I’ve now got an account with Griffin’s Quill, how cool is that!! Ryan, how do I post Midnight and does it have to be the full book>


    • Ryan Holmes Says:

      Nope, you can post a Novel Preview (that’s one of the categories) or even a short section of it if you like. I’m liberal about the content as long as it somehow relates to a category – and free of obscenities, of course.
      To post your wonderful work, hover over the dashboard tab at the very top (white lettering on a field of black) and select new post. You use WordPress too, so the post page should be familiar. There are also a number of groups (still adding them) called Prides with there own forums to check out. See you on GQ!


      • Thanks Ryan. I’ll post my short pitch and an extract from chapter one, if that’s ok.


      • Ryan Holmes Says:

        That’s perfect. Feel free to use Griffin’s Quill as a personal extension of your own blog. I created it to help authors write better fiction and get noticed for the hard work they do. If it brings some traffic to your site or (unlikely as it is) you learn something new than it’s doing it’s job. Best of all, another Quill Bearer can learn from you. Thanks again for helping us achieve our vision!


  4. It’s my pleasure and privilege to be part of such a wonderful enterprise, Ryan. Thanks so much for this opportunity.


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